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App Magazines, Terms of Use

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Updated February 12, 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark publishes three magazines: Udvikling, Focus Denmark and Eksportfokus. These magazines are published several times a year and are also available as digital magazines.

The magazines have each their own focus, all related to Denmark.

Udvikling: A magazine in Danish for Danish audiences. It focuses on development and global issues.

Focus Denmark: A magazine in English containing information about Denmark with an emphasis on business and investment.

Eksportfokus: A magazine in Danish informing Danish companies on various topics, with a focus on export opportunities and markets.

The apps related to the digital magazines are published through Google Play and Apple iTunes and are made available for users with access to these platforms on all available markets. When downloaded they are also available as an offline copy on the users device.

Readers can sign up for a subscription service on Apple iTunes and Google Play enabling them to receive the magazines and prior notification upon release.
The subscription service is free of charge and optional, and is not linked to any other obligations. The subscription service can be terminated at any time by signing in on Apple iTunes or Google Play and/or cancel your subscription or by deleting the app.

The digital magazines may also contain interactive content like popup information, social media integration, animations, links to external web-content and Google maps etc.

Udvikling, Focus Denmark and Eksportfokus cover different topics.
They are in general copies of the printed issues of the magazines, but can in some cases contain other materials, and also be unique issues that only exist digitally.
The materials (text, pictures and illustrations) are produced predominately for the magazines, but may also be reproductions from other sources.

The content does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark or the Government of Denmark.

The magazines do not contain any violent, pornographic or racist content, unless it is an essential part of a story and necessary to enlighten the reader on the story topic.

All copyrights belong to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
No part of the digital magazines may be reproduced in whole parts without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.
Citations may be made without prior written permission, provided the source is acknowledged.

The compilation of information in this app including links, articles and videos is neither exhaustive nor does it serve to endorse certain stakeholders at the expense of others. Hence, the mention or exclusion of certain persons, companies, organizations, etc., is without any intent to prejudice on the part of the Udvikling, Focus Denmark or Eksportfokus.
No express or implied warranty of the accuracy or correctness of the content is given by Udvikling, Focus Denmark or Eksportfokus or its stakeholders. Udvikling, Focus Denmark and Eksportfokus and its stakeholders cannot be held responsible for any content or misuse thereof.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark or the Government of Denmark cannot be held responsible for any content, expression, image, video or other digital site accessed with a hyperlink from the magazines and linked from within the apps, as they do not belong to their organization, government or control.

Text, images, and videos made available do not represent the views or opinions of, and should not be attributed to, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark or the Government of Denmark. Any views or opinions expressed in text, images, or videos are solely those of the contributor.
Certain statements included may be forward-looking. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. There is no assurance that any forward-looking statement will materialise. The user is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Government of Denmark disclaim any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Government of Denmark may amend these terms of use at any time by posting the amended terms on this site.

For information about Udvikling, Focus Denmark or Eksportfokus, please visit the websites, www.udvikling.dk, www.focusdenmark.um.dk or www.eksportfokus.um.dk.


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