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Liveable Cities in the UK

The UK is increasing its efforts in making their cities more livable. This opens significant market potential for Danish companies.


One of the many things UK and Denmark have in common is the challenges they are facing throughout the cities in the countries. They both ask themselves “how do we achieve low climate impact and high quality of life at the same time?“ The Trade Council of Denmark, located at the Danish Embassy in the UK works toward fostering mutual inspiration and cooperation. Trade council is hosting events on “The Liveable City” in various cities across the UK, consisting of seminars that draw together city officials and businesses focusing on challenges such as energy, urban planning and climate mitigation.

The United Kingdom is the home for many remarkable cities with rich culture and long histories. Many of these cities have existed for centuries, and now living in the 21st century it is important for all of them to be prosperous and attractive places to live. However, it is not always as easy as it may seem since an increasing urbanisation also requires the need to become more sustainable. Many cities in Denmark are facing same challenges. How do we create beautiful cities with a low climate impact and a high quality of life?

The Trade Council believes that the Danish cities and the UK can inspire and help each other in tackling the challenges they all face. The Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in London has come up with the concept of The Liveable City, which is a series of seminars celebrating architecture and urban planning. Through the seminars various cities can inspire each other and share ideas and best practices.

Liveable City as key priority
The events have decision makers and people joining from businesses, political parties and councils, professionals and the public as well. The core purpose of The Liveable City events is to deal with major challenges and opportunities facing cities, including district heating, climate mitigation, social housing, architecture and big data. Over the past three years, Liveable City events have been conducted in Bristol, Glasgow, London and Manchester, and more is on the way, where Danish companies can participate.
The Glasgow City Council has made it a key priority to make Glasgow a Liveable city, and for that they welcome the Danes and the Danish knowledge.

“Liveability is a key issue for city leaders around the world and for me as Glasgow’s political leader it is all about creating a place where our residents, visitors and investors can enjoy the highest possible urban quality of life. Therefore, I welcome the shared conversation which we will be having with our Danish friends,” says Frank McAveety, Leader of the Glasgow City Council.

Danish companies with solutions
The three days long Liveable City event in Glasgow featured seminars on topics as architecture, smart cities and affordable housing to energy and flooding. Over all the series of seminars addressed central urban questions of how to create sustainable cities with a high quality of life for everyone. The Danish cities Frederica and Copenhagen were represented at the seminar, and they were both looking to inspire and to be inspired by others. Also joining the seminar in Glasgow were Danish companies with specialised qualifications within the topics covered at the seminars. The companies had the opportunity to present their collaboration with the cities Frederica and Copenhagen and to explain more about the solutions that they had already provided for them. This was a great place for the companies to meet the representatives from various cities of UK who might need the same solutions for their cities. This way the companies have the chance to present examples and cases which is helpful when drawing parallels between e.g. the Danish energy model and Scotland’s ambitions.

Developing the future together
“The opening seminar, on the issues of masterplanning and development for the future of our cities, is an opportunity to consider the context for this series of events which will offer potential solutions to the benefit of our politicians, developers and architects. It is refreshing that such European perspectives are being reviewed in Scotland, a nation which has always looked beyond own shores for inspiration and to reinforce indigenous knowledge and skills,” says Neil Baxter, Secretary and Treasurer, The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

Besides stimulating discussion and paving the way solving some of the most complex challenges that the cities of the UK face, the Liveable City events has also increased the dialogue between Danish and UK cities with e.g. subsequent meetings between Danish municipalities and Manchester, and between Copenhagen and Bristol. Because when the cities stand together to face the challenge neither Denmark or the UK will be standing alone in creating Liveable cities in the 21st century.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about your opportunities of exporting your urban solutions to the UK, do not hesitate to reach out to our sector adviser, Helle Sejersen Myrthue / hemyrt@um.dk.

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