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Turkish Energy Authorities on delegation trip in Denmark

Turkish energy authorities in Denmark to study the Danish energy model, policies and visit sites on energy efficiency, solar thermal energy and district energies. Creating synergy between Strategic Sector Cooperation projects and the Trade Council

Last week selected representatives from key national energy authorities in Turkey visited Denmark. The delegation trip was organised jointly by a EBRD-funded unit at the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Growth Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Ankara with key input from the Trade Council in Istanbul.

The overall purpose of the trip was onsite analysis of renewable energy utilisation in heating, cooling, transport and electricity generation. In addition the trip provided insights into renewable energy technologies in practical life and regulatory arrangements in Denmark.

The delegation comprised of representatives from:

  • The Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
  • EMRA – Energy Market Regulatory Authority
  • TEIAS – Turkish Electricity Transmission Company
  • EBRD Turkey
  • DEIK Turkey-Denmark Business Council
  • The Danish Embassy in Ankara.

The background for this trip was the close cooperation between Danish and Turkish energy authorities and the network created between the Danish Embassy in Ankara and key contacts at the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and EBRD. Furthermore delegation ended up going to Denmark due to the so-called Strategic Sector Cooperation project titled, “Efficient and Low-Carbon Heating and Heating” signed and initiated earlier this year between the Danish Energy Agency and Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources – facilitated by the Growth Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Ankara.

On Day 1 the delegation visited House of Green to hear about the Danish energy model and transition. During this visit, specific insights were provided by Danish Board of District Heating and the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority. In addition the Danish Energy Agency hosted an event to give an in-depth look at Danish energy policies and other relevant topics.


Day 2 comprised of a visit at Danfoss HQ in Nordborg. During this visit, energy efficiency and district energy were the primary focus points. Cases from around the world, Turkey included, were presented and discussed. The day ended with a site visit at Gram District Heating Facility looking at a district heating facility including thermal pit storage, PV, heat pumps, industrial surplus heat and gas and electrical boilers.


Day 3
included a visit hosted by Energinet.dk looking at the grid development and management as well as the creation of dynamically driven electricity markets in Denmark. Differences and similarities between Denmark and Turkey were discussed and inspirational ideas for future development in both countries were debated. Furthermore, the delegation visited Billund BioRefinery in Grindsted (photo above). Here it was showcased how a municipal utility company responsible for drinking water supply and wastewater treatment has turned into an energy producer. Today the facility provides wastewater treatment, production of energy and fertilizers from organic waste, services to the citizens and consulting for other utility companies in Denmark and beyond. On the way back to Billund Airport, the delegation also stopped by LEGOLAND.


All in all, this successful delegation has provided fruitful thought for continued and even closer cooperation between Danish and Turkish energy authorities. In addition, the significant potential for energy solutions, products and know-how from Danish companies in Turkey has become even more visible.


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