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Danish experiences inspire the University of Toronto

How the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus is looking to Danish experiences and solutions in order to accommodate its growing student population


The city of Toronto is experiencing rapid population growth, putting pressure on the city’s infrastructure and institutions, also the city’s universities that are home to more than 150.000 students.


Using Denmark’s brand to target Toronto’s strengths

With this challenge in mind, the Danish Trade Council in Toronto approached the University of Toronto’s different campus areas in the city. U of T is the largest university in the city spread over three campuses in different parts of Toronto. The University of Toronto in Scarborough has a plan to build new campus areas and an ageing existing heating infrastructure and need to expand their capacity.

In Toronto, as in many other countries and cities in the world, Denmark had a reputation for being a green frontrunner. With the backing of this brand, the University of Toronto was exposed to Danish experiences within biomass fuels and district heating. The idea was to inspire the University of Toronto to look towards Danish competencies within heating and energy when building.

To start the dialogue about the opportunities with a district energy system at campus and how to plan it, the Trade Council and U of T arranged a workshop on campus energy systems. Key stakeholders showed up, including the university facilities operation, utilities, potential investors and contractors to listen to the Danish industry experts in planning, piping solutions, thermal systems in buildings and experiences from other campuses in the Toronto area.
During the workshop, local district energy companies (Rambøll, Isoplus, Logstor and Danfoss) presented cases and experiences from working with other North American campuses. The community around the campus area, contractors, the City of Toronto and relevant utility companies were also part of the workshop. Technical solutions, energy planning and energy efficiency were lively discussed, and the University of Toronto got inspiration and guidance on next steps in their process towards becoming a greener campus, with a technological showcase to prove it.

To pave the way for Danish competencies to help the University of Toronto – and the city it represents - the next step is a visit to Denmark in the beginning of May for U of T and their closest financial partners to see the technology options up front and in real life.

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