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Travel security and safety

The overall purpose of this course is to mitigate against the risks of security and safety incidents while travelling.

Target Groups

Recommended for: i) all employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFA) undertaking MFA duty travel; ii) spouses of posted MFA employees; iii) individual advisors under MFA contract; iv) special attachés. Mandatory for all those who will participate in the MFA course Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), including members of Denmark’s Peace and Stabilisation Response (FSB). 


Purpose and Objectives

Participants will upon completion of this course be better able to:

  • research their destination to identify potential security and safety risks;
  • prepare their journey based on research and the identification of risks;
  • identify and react to safety and security situations at the airport, at hotels and when travelling;
  • react in an emergency situation such as natural disasters and terror incidents. 


The course is divided into six parts:

  • Part 1: Getting started - researching your destination, preparing for your journey;
  • Part 2: Travelling out - the airport, working on the airplane, sleeping securely, arriving at your destination;
  • Part 3: Hotel and getting around – checking in at the hotel, room checks and room security, taxis, vehicle hire, public transport;
  • Part 4: Emergency situations – driving, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, unlawful detention, muggings, bribery;
  • Part 5: Return journey - hotel check-out, back to the airport, customs check;
  • Part 6: final review and course manual. 




Approx. 1-1.5 hours

Access and signup

The course is open for self-registration on Campus, the Danish state sector’s unified learning solution. In order to register for the course, you need a Campus username and password, which you can set up here:

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Please see the separate guidelines (pdf) for more detailed instructions. If you already have a Campus username and password you can access the course directly via the link below.

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