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Restricted procedure: Review and Capacity Assessment of Danish Red Cross - DRC

22.03.2019  10:10
Deadline for applications: 2 April 2019, at 12:00, Danish time 


Danish Red Cross (DRC) works to increase humanitarian influence, strengthen respect for humanitarian principles at all stages ranging from prevention, early response, humanitarian aid, reconstruction to development and advocacy. DRC was one of the 17 Danish NGOs who qualified as MFA strategic partners (SPA) in 2018 for the period 2018-2021, where, subject to the annual approval of the Finance Bill, DRC will receive DKK 196 million annually. 68 million is earmarked for civil society activities (lot CIV) and 128 million is earmarked for humanitarian activities (lot HUM).

DRC’s current international strategy from 2015, which has just been revised and extended to 2021, is focusing on life saving interventions and resilience building in fragile situations as well as capacity-building of communities to prepare, respond to and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities. With the revision the International Strategy has a greater emphasis on migration and inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on both rapid and long-term humanitarian engagement through local and international partnerships.

The Strategic Partnership with DRC supports engagements a wide variety of countries. In 2019 the humanitarian funding supports activities in Mali, South Sudan, Sudan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. Under the civil society funding, MFA supports activities in Afghanistan, Guinea-Conakry, Kenya, Mali, Myanmar, Nepal, Palestine, South Sudan, Ukraine and Zimbabwe as well as two regional programmes, one in the Horn of Africa (mainly Sudan and Ethiopia) and one in the Sahel region (mainly Mali and Niger). In addition, 27 million annually are spend through the partnership’s Flexible Funds on acute crisis across the world.
The latest MFA review of DRC took place in 2015.  

The overall objectives of the review are to assess the capacity of DRC especially on the delivery of results on long term civil society development and humanitarian interventions and the linkage between them, through a variety of partnerships - this will be done by:

i) Assessing  DRC’s organisational, technical and financial management capacity to achieve agreed results under the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with the MFA.

ii) Assessing and validating results by DRC from the period 2016-2018, based on samples.
Two programme countries should be visited as part of review, where Myanmar and Syria have been have been selected as relevant for the field case studies. The review will consist of three phases: i) an Inception Phase (April/May): document reviews, interviews in Denmark, ii) Data collection / Field visit Phase (May/June, possibly up to a maximum of two weeks sample mission) and iii) Reporting Phase (June/July), which will include drafting of report and debriefing in Copenhagen. The review should identify recommendations, which will provide a critical input to the MFA’s on-going dialogue with DRC. It will include a thematic focus on DRC's support for civil society in programme countries and the auxiliary role of national societies. In accordance with the guidelines for programmes and projects of the MFA, the review will make an overall assessment against relevant OECD/DAC criteria including relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

Estimated budget and timing:

The contract is expected to commence April 2019. Draft and final report is due in July 2019.

The estimated input is approx. 65 working days divided between two international experts including an organisational development/financial management expert (team leader for the external team referring to the overall MFA team leader, approx. 35 days), a livelihood/humanitarian & results based management expert (approx. 30 days). The budget maximum is DKK 950.000

Deadline for applications: 2 April 2019, at 12:00, Danish time

The standard application form should be used. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected. Applications received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Download application form here.

Contact point: Technical Quality Support, MFA
Name of Programme Officer: Lars Adam Rehof or Toke Hauch Arnoldi
E-mail address, Programme Officer: or
Telephone of Programme Officer: +45 3392 0598

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender.