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Restricted procedure - Review of DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture

29.03.2019  09:21
Deadline for applications: 9 April 2019, at 12:00, Danish time

The present review is part of the regular oversight set out in the cooperation agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Danish Institute against Torture, DIGNITY. The review comes against a backdrop of change and growth during almost a decade since Dignity changed its name from RCT in 2011. Also, Dignity is about to change its director. In addition, the MFA is in the process of preparing an organisation strategy for Dignity that will be informed by the present review. Finally, Dignity, like other human rights organisations, face a changing and challenging landscape where the needs for rehabilitation and prevention of torture are immense yet the support for the cause cannot be taken for granted.

The latest review of DIGNITY was conducted in 2015.

The overall objective is two-fold:

- To analyse and assess the overall performance of the Dignity’s work under the cooperation agreement with MFA in the years from 2015 – 2019 vis-à-vis annual work plans and results frame. The review will include an assessment as to whether the recommendations from the review in 2015 and subsequent annual consultations have been followed up to a satisfactorily extent.

- To suggest strategic focus areas for MFA’s upcoming organisation-strategy for Dignity.

The assessment will consist of a desk study of relevant documentation, interviews with key staff at DIGNITY and in the MFA; field mission(s) to be determined; interviews with representatives of partner organisations in Denmark and in the field benefitting from the MFA support.

It is expected that the review will conclude with an inception report, a short debriefing note to be presented to the MFA and an assessment report.

Estimated budget and timing:
The contract is expected to commence preferably in late May / early June 2019. Draft and final report is due in August 2019.

The estimated input is approx. 65 working days divided between three international consultants/experts. The team should include an expert in organisational/capacity development (team leader for the external team referring to the overall MFA team leader, approx 35 days), a consultant on rehabilitation / development research (approx. 15 days) and an expert in financial management (approx 15 days).

The budget maximum is DKK 850.000

Deadline for applications: 9 April 2019, at 12:00, Danish time

The standard application form should be used. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected. Applications received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Download the applications form here.

Contact point: Technical Quality Support, MFA
Name of Programme Officer: Lars Adam Rehof eller Toke Hauch Arnoldi
E-mail address, Programme Officer:
Telephone of Programme Officer: +45 3392 0598

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender.