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National Coat of Arms
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    Denmark’s development cooperation aims to fight  poverty with human rights and economic growth.
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    The aim of Denmark’s development cooperation is to reduce poverty through the promotion of human rights and economic growth. It is focused on some of the poorest countries in the world.

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    Danish development assistance programmes achieved their goals in 84 per cent of cases in 2011. Every goal that is achieved is a small step on the way to creating development in some of the poorest countries of the world.


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    Denmark’s development engagement is based on partnerships with actors who can and wish to create change. The cooperation involves implementing concrete programmes as well as developing new and better methods.

Danida Business

The developing countries need an enabling environment for the private sector to create economic growth, one of the preconditions for effective poverty alleviation.

Evaluation of development assistance

Since 1987 Danida has published all evaluations with a view to informing the general public and political decision-makers about the results and processes of Danish development cooperation.

Danida's publications and net bookshop

Danida issues a number of publications every year: annual reports, books, films, teaching material, newsletters and booklets.

Danida's Annual Report

Read about major events, get an overview in numbers of Danida’s development work and learn about some of the results Danish development cooperation has contributed to.

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