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Grants below DKK 37 million

Grant proposals with a budget between DKK 10 and 37 million are published here.

Up until 1 January 2016, the Internal Grant Committee advised the Minister regarding grant proposals with a budget below DKK 37 million. By 1 January 2016, quality assurance of grant proposals with a budget between 10 and 37 million is carried out by a Under-secretary.

Below there is a list of grants approved by the Minister.

Approved 19.12.2016: Community action for quality alternative care and protection

Approved 6.12.2016: Support to sustainable energy systems

Approved 27.11.2016: Aid for Trade: Enhanced Integrated Framework

Approved 31.10.2016: Accelerating Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia

Approved 23.9.2016: Inclusive Growth and Employment for Young Entrepreneurs in Georgia

Approved 16.9.2016: IEA support to renewable energy and energy efficiency

Approved 29.6.2016: Danish support to the Global Facility on Mini-Grids

Approved 22.6.2016: DEA Energy Partnership

Approved 30.5.2016: Support to OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission i Ukraine

Approved 25.5.2016: Peace and Stabilisation Response 2016


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