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Development communication

Two girls from Sierra Leone playing with paper.
Photo: Jørgen Schytte
Danida’s development communication has three purposes:
  • Expand Danes’ knowledge of the challenges facing the developing countries.
  • Help to further understanding amongst Danes for the developing countries’ special challenges and needs in terms of development assistance.
  • Create understanding of the significance of Danish participation in international development cooperation.

Knowledge and attitudes go hand in hand

Knowledge about development cooperation goes hand in hand with attitudes to how large Danish development assistance should be. The more one knows, the more inclined one is to think that too little money is granted to development assistance. This is shown in a survey conducted in 2011.

Everyone can contribute

Danida carries out a certain amount of development communication, but organisations, institutions, schools, the mass media and individuals who are engaged in the matter also contribute to information activity in Denmark.

Danida has special material suitable for:

  • Children, young people and their parents
  • Pupils, students and teachers
  • NGOs and people with a general interest in development policy.

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