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Sustainable management of natural resources: land, water and forests

Denmark assists developing countries in building their capacity to manage natural resources in a sustainable manner through a number of multilateral and bilateral programmes.

The multilateral and bilateral programmes cover the natural resources: land, water and forests.

Forest Conservation

Forest conservation is of decisive importance for the global climate. Denmark supports the UN’s and World Bank’s forest programmes, the aim of which is to assist developing countries to formulate and implement national policies and efforts for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of forests with consideration for economic and social development.

Denmark finds it particularly important to involve local groups of population who depend on the forest and who share in the proceeds from forestry. This is why Denmark also grants support to the international environmental organisation IUCN’s forests programme, which seeks to safeguard the rights and participation of poor population groups.

Land and Water

Land and water are extremely limited resources that are under rising pressure from population growth and non-sustainable exploitation.

Denmark grants support to protect water resources and the sustainable utilisation of agricultural land and thereby to ensure food security in the future by supporting the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and also a number of global and regional land and water initiatives.

Support to Ensure Biodiversity

Denmark supports international endeavours to preserve the highest degree of biodiversity. Among other things, Denmark grants support to a programme that helps developing countries and their local communities with the sustainable utilisation of genetic resources. This takes place in connection with the sale of, for example, local medicinal plants to the pharmaceutical industry.

Local communities’ interest in conserving natural resources and biodiversity naturally increases in step with growing income opportunities from sustainable utilisation. Therefore, supporting programmes that further cooperation between public authorities, local communities and the business sector in connection with the utilisation of natural resources constitutes a Danish priority.


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