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Human rights and democracy

Denmark will lead the fight for human rights, democracy and good governance through the commitment to multilateralism and in the countries Denmark engage in.

We will support processes of development that create societies in which the executive power can be controlled by independent agencies, citizens and the media, and where the citizens are active and take responsibility for the development of the community.

We will fight discrimination and inequality. Women, children, young people and vulnerable and marginalized groups, including the world's indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities, shall have a vote and visibility in the policy priorities.

Denmark will:
• Support democratic elections, parliaments, political parties, civil society and a free and critical media.
• Promote good governance and the establishment of democratic institutions, including setting-up and access to effective, independent judicial systems and complaint mechanisms, enhanced capacity and decentralization of public administration and the fight against corruption.
• Strengthen international cooperation for human rights, democracy and good governance.
• Work to strengthen gender equality and ensure women’s and girls' rights.
• Strengthen the effort in the fight for closing tax loopholes, address illegal capital transfers and promote fair taxation of natural resources in the world's poorest countries.
• Promote social dialogue and trade union rights as a tool for poverty reduction.

Read more about human rights and democracy in The Right to a Better Life - Strategy for Denmark's Development Cooperation.

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Team Leader Rights and Governance
Birgitte Mossin Brønde
Multilateral Cooperation, Climate Change and Gender Equality (MKL)
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Team Leader Human Rights and Democracy
Anne Schouw
Human Rights Department (Legal Services)
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Team Leader Good Governance
Søren Davidsen
Technical Advisory Services (UFT)
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