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Gender equality

Women must be integrated into the economy and have the same opportunities and rights as men. Therefore Danida is working to promote gender equality and is speaking out for women in the dialogue with partner countries.

Women and men should have equal opportunities. No matter whether it is about equal access to bank loans, hospital and health services, to schools and universities or to work, women are a huge and often untapped resource in many countries. Denmark is working to change that. We believe that gender equality is a fundamental right that should not be subjected to cultural notions of women's and men's role.

Gender is also an important means for achieving the development goals. It is not possible to create the necessary prosperity and growth if one half of the population is excluded beforehand. Therefore, for years Denmark has worked determinedly to incorporate gender initiatives across our development work.

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    In our cooperation with the Danish partner countries, the gender issue is in focus. We wish to improve women’s legal rights and ensure that they are not worse off politically or economically than men.
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    In the United Nations, Denmark has been crucial in ensuring the establishment of a special UN unit for gender equality, UN Women, in 2010. Furthermore, gender equality is now an issue ranked high on the agenda in the World Bank, partly thanks to Danish efforts.

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