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Human rights

If we help poor people fight for their rights, then we also fight the main causes of poverty. Human rights and democracy are fundamental values and goals and an important priority area in Danish development policy.

We will support processes of change which creates societies where checks and balances on the executive are exercised by citizens, independent bodies, a strong civil society and a free media, and where people participate actively and take on responsibility for the development of society.

Denmark will support processes and institutions which promote human rights, work for equal access for all to fair legal proceedings and promote access to complaint mechanisms and alternative conflict resolution mechanisms – both nationally and internationally.

A country where women do not have the same opportunities as men is denying itself a valuable resource. Denmark will work to reduce discrimination against women and work for women’s equal right to education, health, economic prosperity and influence as well as women’s ability to enjoy their sexual and reproductive rights.

A prerequisite for development is the mobilisation of sufficient domestic revenue to finance reform and public services. We will step up efforts to fight tax loopholes and illicit financial flows and work for greater transparency in payments by multinational corporations for the exploitation of natural resources in developing countries.

A well-functioning labour market is an important prerequisite for economic growth, increased employment and for establishing socially responsible companies. Accordingly, we will support social dialogue between governments, employers and trade unions.

Denmark will:

  • Support democratic elections, parliaments, political parties, civil societies, and free and critical media.
  • Promote good governance and the development of democratic institutions, including the establishment of and access to effective, independent legal systems and complaints mechanisms, increased capacity and decentralisation in the public sector, and the fight against corruption.
  • Strengthen international cooperation for human rights, democracy and good governance.
  • Work to strengthen gender equality and to ensure the rights of women and girls.
  • Strengthen efforts in the fight against tax loopholes, address illicit financial flows and promote a fair taxation of natural resources in the world’s poorest countries.
  • Promote social dialogue and workers’ rights as a lever for poverty reduction.