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Strategy for Danish Humanitarian Action 2010-2015

The Strategy for Danish Humanitarian Action was launched 2 September 2009. The strategy is the government’s answer to the humanitarian challenges that the world is facing.

The strategy for Danish Humanitarian Action sets out how Denmark intends to address humanitarian challenges. It sets out the overall objectives; outlines key directions and priorities for Danish action and outlines the instruments that will be used for turning the strategy into action.

The objectives of Denmark’s humanitarian action are to save and protect lives, alleviate suffering and promote the dignity and rights of civilians in crisis situations; as well as to initiate recovery, build resilience to and prevent future crises by breaking the cycle between crises and vulnerability. Thereby, Denmark’s humanitarian action contributes to improving human security and reducing poverty.

Strategy for Danish Humanitarian Action 2010-2015
Strategi for Danmarks Humanitære Indsats 2010-2015


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