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Early recovery

The overall focus of early recovery is to urgently restore the capacity
of national institutions and communities affected by conflict or natural

Early recovery encompasses a broad range of needs in areas such as livelihoods, transitional shelter, education, governance, security and rule of law, environment and other socio-economic dimensions, including the reintegration of displaced populations. It aims to kickstart nationally owned processes for post-crisis recovery that are sustainable, seek to improve community capacity through rebuilding efforts (“build back better”), strengthen human security and address the underlying causes of the crisis to avoid future relapse.  

Early recovery needs to be an integrated part of emergency responses. Even during crisis and long before peace is in sight opportunities can be found for restoring the capacity of local institutions, improving livelihoods, rule of law, and delivering basic social services. Early recovery builds on local ownership, respect for local priorities and capacities, participatory approaches and sustainability.

Denmark will support such initiatives when appropriate and will continue to promote efforts through the UN, World Bank and EU partners to strengthen strategic planning, capacity building and financing for early recovery.


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