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Responsibility to protect

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) relates to the legal obligation of
states to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic
cleansing and crimes against humanity and their incitement. If the
state cannot or is unwilling to protect its citizens, it is the responsibility
of the international community to do so.

Denmark actively participates in the ongoing efforts to put the concept of R2P into practice, acknowledging that developing countries and regional organisations such as the African Union have a crucial role to play.

Denmark supports the UN Secretary General’s three pillar strategy for advancing R2P: Recognise that protection is first and foremost the responsibility of the state; commit to assisting states in meeting their obligations through capacity building; and support timely, decisive and peaceful response when a state is failing to provide protection to its citizens. Denmark will support the UN’s efforts to undertake preventive activities through implementation of the first two pillars, thereby underlining not only the responsibility to protect, but even more so the responsibility to prevent.


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