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Humanitarian Food Assistance

Food assistance can save lives and support livelihoods as has been seen during the recent food crisis.

Food aid distributions need to be well targeted – to the right people in the right way – and well timed to avoid undermining local markets, for example by coinciding with harvest time. Local and regional purchase of food aid reduces the cost and delivery time, and may also help local producers and enable market creation for food commodities, thus vastly improving the resilience and food security of communities in the long-term. Where local or regional markets can provide enough food and food insecurity is a result of lack of purchasing power, cash grants and vouchers can work. The use of a specific tool at various stages of a crisis should be determined by a thorough analysis of the local context with a vulnerability focus.

Denmark will work with partners such as World Food Programme (WFP) and relevant NGOs to provide life-saving food and nutrition during crisis as well as improved livelihood and food security.


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