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Contracts with an estimated value up to DKK 1,006,628

On this page you can find the relevant application forms and documents necessary for contracts with an estimated value up to DKK 1,006,628:

The procedures provide for the following methods of selection:

Contract Value in DKK        Method of selection

Up to 1,006,628                 Restricted/Open Tendering 

The forms below are for Consultants who wish to enter into a contract for consultancy services up to DKK 1,006,628:

Link to Annex B - CV
Link to Annex C - Budget forms for Contract Proposal
Link to Final Accounts
Link to Change of Contract
Link to Application for prequalification up to DKK 1,006,628

Link to Amendments to Contract - Amendments cf. § 17
Link to Amendments to Contract - Reimbursement of unanticipated costs cf. § 10




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