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Project Cases

Below are cases with on going DBF projects.

Road Bridges in Ghana


The purpose of the project is to improve and strengthen transport infrastructure in northern Ghana, thereby contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction. This includes the construction of six bridges, as well as the construction and upgrading of approach roads and rehabilitation roads between major towns. The project will substantially lower transport costs, enhance access to markets, and connect the northern regions to neighbouring countries and southern parts of Ghana. Furthermore, the project will significantly improve road safety and mitigate the effects of climate-change-related seasonal flooding.

Buyer: Ghana Highway Authority
Supplier: N/A
Status: Under preparation
Guarantor: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Contract amount: DKK 377,900,000
Cash grant: DKK 16,240,000
Loan amount: DKK 361,660,000
Total Danida subsidy: DKK 178,690,000


Electrification in Mozambique

 Power grid in Mozambique

The purpose of the project is to reinforce and expand the Mozambican power grid, which is indispensable for private-sector development and for continued pro-poor economic growth. It involves rural electrification, installation of high-voltage power lines and transformer stations, including two stations in southern Mozambique and four in the less developed central and northern parts of the country. Increasing access to the power grid forms part of EDM’s master plan in support of the government’s efforts to stimulate growth and reduce poverty.

Buyer: Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM)
Supplier: Aasleff-Seth Joint Venture
Status: Implementations
Guarantor: Ministry of Finance of Mozambique
Contract amount: DKK 781,020,000
Cash grant: DKK 202,890,000
Loan amount: DKK 578,130,000
Total Danida subsidy: DKK 569,120,000


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