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B2B Toolbox

This is the toolbox for the Project Phase. Here you will find all the templates needed in regards to reimbursement and reporting.

In 2011 it was decided to replace the B2B Programme with the Danida Business Partnerships facility. It is thus no longer possible to apply for new support under the B2B Programme.

The B2B toolbox is therefore directed at companies currently involved in the B2B Programme. This means that the toolbox is structured around projects in the project phase.

In the Project Phase following activities can be supported:

  • Training and technical assistance (TTA)
  • Environmental measures (ENV)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Cost of establishment
  • Equipment

The templates needed for reporting and reimbursement can be downloaded from the box on the right side. These include instruction and guidance on how to fill in the information required. The reports, requests for reimbursements etc. must be submitted directly to the Danish Embassy in the relevant B2B country.

It is mandatory to use the B2B templates when submitting a report or a request for reimbursement. If the templates have not been used, the report or request for reimbursement will be rejected.

If you have any questions concerning the templates, please contact the relevant Danish Embassy.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Asiatisk Plads 2 
DK-1448 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 33 92 00 00
Fax +45 32 54 05 33



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