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Evaluation of Danish development support to Afghanistan


Over the last decade, Denmark has provided substantial development support to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, with the main purposes of contributing to national, regional and global security as well as to poverty reduction. In Denmark, as well as in the donor community in general, there is a wish to learn from the experiences with different types of support to Afghanistan implemented through the last decade. Against this background, the Evaluation Department in 2010 decided to initiate preparation of an independent evaluation of the Danish support to Afghanistan.

Preparatory work for the evaluation established that the total disbursement of Danish development support to Afghanistan over the period 2001-2012 amounted to approximately DKK 3.8 billion. Support during this period was mainly concentrated within four thematic areas: (1) State-building, (2) Livelihoods, (3) Education, and (4) Regions of Origin Initiative (ROI) support.

The preparatory work also found that support to state-building and livelihoods had mainly been channelled through joint/pooled funding mechanisms covered by a considerable amount of existing reviews, studies and evaluations. EVAL therefore decided to cover these two thematic areas by means of an Evaluation Study comprising a desk based review of existing documentation. The review was conducted by Oxford Policy Management Institute (UK).

The two other thematic areas – i.e. education and Regions of Origin (ROI) support in Afghanistan – had not to the same extent been covered by previous evaluation work. In these two areas of support, EVAL therefore decided to commission full evaluations, including both desk and field work.

Field work for the two evaluations was conducted during the period from September 2011 to March 2012 by independent evaluation teams selected through international tendering processes.  The evaluation of support to the education sector was conducted by a consortium comprising Particip (Germany) and Niras (Denmark), while the evaluation of the ROI support was conducted by a consortium comprising GHK (UK) and tana (Denmark).

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The two evaluations and the evaluation study were supplemented by two additional evaluation studies entitled Economic development and service delivery in fragile states (conducted by UN-Wider) and Effective statebuilding? A review of evaluations of international statebuilding support in fragile contexts (conducted by German Development Institute). These evaluation studies were published in Spring 2012 and are available under "Evaluation reports and other publications" in the menu of the left.


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