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Evaluation programmes

The Evaluation Department works on the basis of a two-year programme.

The evaluation programme is developed and regularly revised based on discussions with, amongst others, the Council for Development Policy and senior management of Danida, embassies and their partners, relevant departments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and stakeholders in the Danish resource base.

The objective of the ongoing dialogue is to ensure that the evaluations that are conducted are relevant for practice. Over time, Danida’s evaluations are required to cover a representative cross-section of the official Danish development cooperation, including different geographical and thematic areas as well as different aid instruments.

Every year, the Minister for Foreign Affairs submits the evaluation programme to the Danish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee for comments. This takes place simultaneously with the submission of a report concerning the evaluation activities of the previous year. You can find the latest evaluations programmes on this site. Earlier programmes are available from the Evaluation Department upon request.


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