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The EU Presidency: Also a platform for showcasing Danish solutions

29.06.2012  15:13
During the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union an increased focus has been put to Denmark and Danish solutions – not least in the green tech area.Therefore several Danish businesses have organized events and outreach with the help of Danish embassies all over the world.Even the meeting facilities for the informal Council meetings and other conferences have benefited from electronic thermostats and green energy.

Green biofuel in France. Climate cyclists in China. International medias visiting Denmark. During the Danish EU presidency a large number of Danish companies have used the increased focus on Denmark to demonstrate how businesses can contribute to solving the global challenges the world faces.

With the Presidency Denmark has had great international attention. The world has had a watchful eye on the small country in the North, focusing on Danish policies and Danish solutions. The Presidency has been a natural springboard to showcase companies' ideas on how to solve the challenges the world faces.

In the six months the Danish Presidency has lasted, events focusing on food, design, investment and energy efficiency have taken place all over the world, from Vejle in Denmark to Canberra in Australia to Beijing to Paris.

Bikes sends green message in China
Danish embassies have had a special part in promoting Danish solutions within biotech and green tech. In april 120 riders mounted their iron horses in the bustling metropolis, Beijing. EU ambassadors, media and Danish companies, such as Novozymes and Danfoss, were among those who biked the city during the "Climate Race” to put focus on green transport and a variety of Danish solutions to climate challenges.

“By organizing this campaign we wish to communicate the progressive Danish views on energy efficiency and environment protection that China in its present 5-year plan also identifies as one of the most important policy objectives for the Chinese society,” says Friis Arne Petersen, Danish Ambassador to China on the tour, which resulted in more than 70 articles, of which Danish companies were mentioned in several.

Energy efficient EU Presidency
Danfoss is one of the companies that have used the Presidency as a platform for an international audience. Danfoss has specifically focused on two areas of energy efficiency; heating solutions in buildings and district energy. One of Danfoss’ intelligent solutions has been used on the Presidency meeting locations; Eigtveds Pakhus, Bella Center and Forum Horsens.

"The Danish Presidency has put out an ambitious green plan with great focus on energy efficiency. This agenda is strongly supported by Danfoss, and we have been able to use the Danish Presidency as a platform to communicate our views and solutions for green growth, climate and energy to a wider circle of actors, "says Communications Director Markela Dedopoulos.

The facilities where the intelligent heating solutions has been used, has seen a significantly reduced energy consumption. More specifically saving of up to 20-25% of energy by replacing the old radiator thermostats with the electronic ones.

Green biofuel = green growth
Denmark having the Presidency has been an opportunity to influence European politics with the green solutions, Denmark has come up with.

“Solutions that for example make it possible to use bio tech to replace significant amounts of our oil use with agricultural waste to produce bioethanol. We have, in Europe, a leading position, when it comes to using agricultural waste. We have come a long way within research and we have leading companies in this specific field, but other nations move fast as well. Which is why it is so important, that Europe take long term decisions on the use of bio mass”, says Lars Christian Hansen Regional President Novozymes Europe.

Novozymes have arranged a several larger conferences in both Copenhagen and Brussels on ”biobased economy”, where stakeholders have discussed, how to best develop an economy based on the use of bio mass instead of fossil fuels in Europe.

”I look forward to see how the EU will work on the biobased economy after the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. My hope is that the Presidency has planted some seeds in this particular area,” says Lars Christian Hansen.