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Trade Barriers


All exporters may be affected by trade barriers – tariffs, import restrictions and the like. Every year, these barriers cost Danish companies billions of kroner.

However, it is possible to do something about it. Danish companies can notify trade barriers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and get help to have them removed.

What is a trade barrier?

 Trade barriers are measures that governments or public authorities introduce to make imported goods or services less competitive than locally produced goods and services. Not everything that prevents or restricts trade can be characterised as trade barriers.

Report a trade barrier

Companies can register here if they encounter barriers to trade and investment in exp.ort markets outside the EU.

Eksportrådet - The Trade Council
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
The Trade Council
Asiatisk Plads 2
DK-1448 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 33 92 05 00