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How to Fill Out the Notification Form

Information regarding filling out the notification form

How to fill in the form:

Information about the company

Information about the contact person:
Please indicate normally used name, address, phone number, etc. regarding the company and a contact person, respectively.

The trade barrier:

- Country: please indicate the country to which the barrier prevents or restricts exports.
- Type of barrier: please indicate the type of barrier.
- Sector: please indicate the sector within which the company’s business activities fall. See list of sectors.

Description of the barrier:

- Brief description of the trade barrier: please give a brief description of how the barrier prevents or restricts exports to the market in question. It should be mentioned which product (preferably with an indication of the product code number in the Customs Tariff) or which service is affected.
- Estimated loss of export revenue due to the barrier: please give an estimate of the volume of increase in exports which a removal of the barrier may lead to. The estimated value should be indicated in Danish kroner. The potential increase in value for the notifying company should be indicated. It should be mentioned if it might also imply an increase in exports for other Danish companies. 
- Any information about other EU Member States/companies that may be affected by the trade barrier:
please indicate if there is knowledge of or an assumption to the effect that other EU companies (companies in Denmark or in other EU Member States) may be affected by the trade barrier.

Company-related information and information about the contact person will exclusively be used by Danish authorities, for example with a view to any follow-up contact with the company. The information will not be passed on to the EU or to authorities in other countries.

The information about country, type of barrier, sector and a brief description of the barrier will be passed on to the EU in connection with the notification of the trade barrier by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The information will be available to the general public and the information will - in an anonymised form - be available wholly or partly in the EU register on the Internet. It should be indicated if there is a risk that information about the specifically affected product or the specific service might be used to identify the notifying company.

Information about the estimated value of exports affected by the barrier and any information about other EU Member States/companies that may be affected by the trade barrier will exclusively be used by Danish authorities in connection with the processing of the notification and in connection with the prioritisation in the EU of the action against trade barriers.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the notification must not contain information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, criminal acts, information about major social problems, trade-union membership, information concerning health or sex life. The same applies to notifications in relation to single proprietorships.

If there are further questions regarding the notification form, or if there is any need for assistance, please contact the Technical Export Advice Unit by phone: +45 33 92 17 88 or by e-mail:


Overview of sectors, which are applied in the notification form.

 Agriculture and fisheri:
- Agriculture
- Fishery

- Automobiles
- Construction industry
- Electronics
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Aircraft
- Iron- and metal industry
- Chemical industry
- Ceramics industry
- Cosmetics
- Machinery industry
- Mining
- Ship building
- Telecommunications equipment
- Textile- and leather industry
- Wine and liquours
- Wood, paper and pulp
- Other industry
- Industry, transversal

- Distribution
- Energy
- Financial sector
- Business benefits (“professional services”, e.g. accountancy, legal assistance)
- Communication, incl. mail services
- Construction
- Enviromental benefits
- Recreation, incl. news coverage
- Health- and social benefits
- Transport
- Tourisme and tours
- Education
- Other services

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