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Market Information

Information regarding the market.

All publications published by the Trade Council are available for download at the Danish website Most of the publications are free.


The website contains all trade and business related reports, analyses, magazines, and newsletters published by the Trade Council and the Danish missions abroad.

The website provides a search function that makes it possible to seek information across sectors as well as across countries. All information is updated on a regular basis.
At you will find:

  • Reports about a vast number of markets providing news, trends and information about export opportunities
  • Sector analyses concerning export opportunities within the most important export sectors for Danish enterprises
  • Numbers and analyses on Danish foreign trade as well as the global economic development
  • The magazines Eksportfokus and Focus Denmark
  • The newsletters Latinamerika , Mellemøsten og Nordafrika and Verden Venter.

The website is in Danish only, but some publications and reports are available in English.

Eksportrådet - The Trade Council
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
The Trade Council
Asiatisk Plads 2
DK-1448 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 33 92 05 00