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International export talents

Through a combination of professional expertise and unique cultural and linguistic competences, many international export talents and foreign residents in Denmark have the necessary qualifications to contribute to Danish exports.

Denmark has proud traditions as a trading nation. In many countries “made in Denmark” is synonymous with quality and social responsibility. However, we must increase Danish export revenues and foreign investments, particularly from the growth markets. This is necessary in order to create the growth and the jobs needed to secure our welfare society.

In Denmark exports equal 54 percent of GDP and create some 700,000 jobs. To increase our competitiveness on the global market, and to strengthen exports and create jobs, Danish companies must use all available resources. This includes the many skilful international export talents, who can be a key to export success for many companies. Many international talents have, besides professional competencies, a unique knowledge of their country of origin in terms of understanding the language and culture. This can help Danish companies in establishing or increasing activities on foreign markets.  

At the same time, international export talents living in Denmark must become better in realizing their export potential.

In order to facilitate the match between international export talents and Danish companies, the Trade Council has created a user-friendly overview of relevant homepages, institutions and organisations.




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