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Campaign for more international export talents

Many international export talents have strong insights into the important export markets and markets with high growth rates. Some of these markets are challenging for Danish exporters, because of language and cultural barriers, unfamiliar regulations and the need to develop local networks. In these cases it can be an advantage to utilise some of the competences and contacts of the export talents.


In cooperation with Etnisk Erhvervsfremme, the Trade Council has initiated a campaign with the aim to improve awareness of the possibilities created by international export talents for Danish exporting companies. The campaign has the dual objective to contribute knowledge to the export talents not already making full use of their export potential, and to inform companies about the export possibilities from employing international talents.

Prior to the launch of the campaign, Etnisk Erhvervsfremme has developed an export guide for international talents interested in becoming export consultants, and the Trade Council has established two homepages with links, “Karrieremuligheder og rekruttering” (Danish only) and “Organisationer og netværk” (Danish only), as a “first-stop-shop”.

The campaign includes debates with the Minister for Trade and European Affairs.

Five goodwill ambassadors have been appointed: Farshad Kholghi, Vivienne McKee, Kaare Danielsen, Asger Aamund and Peder Tuborgh. The goodwill ambassadors will contribute to the campaign with their experience within exports and various cultural backgrounds.

This homepage will be updated with information about campaign events.

Nick Hækkerup
Minister for Trade and European Affairs   
Farshad Kholghi, actor

The companies owe it to themselves to seize the opportunity for an export adventure, following the employment of staff with international background."


"My childhood hero was the legendary explorer Marco Polo. His curiosity, open mind and quest for knowledge helped develop and expand the world of yesterday. Today's world is in need of new Marco Polos."



Peder Tuborgh, CEO Arla Foods                  Kaare Danielsen, founder of Jobindex
"" ""

"Research shows that organisations with a workplace culture and business models that embrace various cultures and people profiles can increase performance by up to 35 per cent and increase revenue from innovation projects by more than 300 per cent. In other words, it’s an obvious opportunity for us to pursue." 

”We need to export more to the fast growing countries, and fortunately we already have people in Denmark who know the countries and understand the cultures. We just need to bring the companies and the international talents together, and that is why we created”







 Asger Aamund, Chairman of the board     Vivienne McKee, actor
""   ""

“If you want to succeed in international      “International talents can bring colours, business, domestic talent                                culture, variety and export adventures
recruiting only
won't take you there.”          into Danish companies - so I believe."










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