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Joint Export Promotion

The purpose of Joint Export Promotion, Delegation Visits and Danida Business Delegations is to establish contacts with potential cooperation and business partners and increase the participating companies' knowledge about local market and business conditions.


It has been decided to conduct a review of Danida Business Delegations beginning of 2017 and the instrument is suspended during the review. Therefore, it is not possible to apply for funding of new activities. Already approved projects will take place in 2017 as planned.

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Grants for export promotion, delegation visits and Danida business delegations can be applied for by e.g. industry associations or a consultancy company within export counselling – this entity at the same time being the applicant and coordinator for the specific campaign in question, for a group of minimum five Danish companies.

To encourage the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a pre-condition for receiving subsidies for the campaign is that at least 25 % of the participating companies are SMEs.

Funding may be granted for one of the following type of projects:

  • Joint export promotion outside Denmark
  • Delegation visits to Denmark
  • Danida business delegations

Joint export promotion takes place outside Denmark and can e.g. be carried out as a joint participation in a trade fair or a joint seminar. Both can be combined with individual contact meetings and company visits.

A delegation visit gives a group of Danish companies the possibility to invite new business partners or customers to Denmark before a joint export promotion activity or as a joint follow-up on a completed export promotion.

For export promotions or delegation visits The Trade Council can co-finance up to 50 % of the approved project costs. The subsidy must be matched by a business payment of minimum 50 % of the approved project costs.   

Applications should be submitted to the Trade Council in accordance with the following deadlines and promotion activities must be completed within the below-mentioned periods.

Deadlines 2017:
25th January 2017: May 2017 - April 2018
2nd May 2017: September 2017 - August 2018
15th September 2017: January 2018 - December 2018

For guidelines, application forms and for further information please consult the Danish webpage.

See planned export promotions at Eksportrådets Arrangementskalender.

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