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Export sparring

The Export sparring program prepares your business for exports in the best possible way.


Export Sparring is a fully subsidized export program targeting Danish small- and medium sized companies with no or limited experience with exports. 

The program has two tracks:

1. 10-30 hours of export sparring sessions with your regional Væksthus, which prepares your company to take on export markets by reviewing internal and external factors. In this track, the company will outline an export plan.  

2. 10 hours of free export counselling with a trade adviser from the Trade Council. The 10 hours will mainly include basic market information to strengthen the company’s ability to choose a market.

Application Criteria
In order to qualify for Export Sparring, a company must comply with the following criteria:

1. Currently enrolled in a Væksthus program.
2. Fewer than 250 employees
3. Max. turnover DKK 375m. 
4. Compliance with international rules for government subsidies. 

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Eksportrådet - The Trade Council
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
The Trade Council
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