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Export Start

Small and medium sized enterprises with an international market potential can receive subsidised counselling and assistance around the world from the Trade Council’s missions abroad.


Through the Export Start Programme, small and medium-sized Danish companies can receive subsidised counselling from the Trade Council. The counselling is flexible and individually tailored to the needs of each company. The Export Start Programme can include:

  •  Market and competitor analyses
  •  Distributor and partner search
  •  Counselling on setting up a local business and other access to market
  •  Marketing and contacts to local authorities

An Export Start Programme consists of 50 to 100 hours of counselling which is agreed with our local commercial advisor on the market. Your company gets a 35% subsidy on the work hours agreed for an assignment.

Who advises your company?
First, you have the opportunity to meet a commercial advisor from The Trade Council in Denmark and discuss the assistance needed. Later, the Trade Council’s advisors from the relevant market take over and work with you on the project.

How to apply for Export Start?
You will find the digital application form at, and you will need your digital employee signature. If you do not already have a digital employee signature, you can order one with Nets at: Bestil digital signatur hos Nets
Once your application has been registered, we will call you to arrange a meeting with an advisor from The Trade Council.


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