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Strategic Alliances

The Strategic Alliances Programme is directed at groups of companies working on export markets.

billede af gruppe

Big international projects often demand economies of scale, specific experience and a well-known brand. Examples include international tenders as well as business opportunities created by the companies themselves.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can supplement and thus strengthen the value proposition of large companies - and at the same time benefit from access to export markets they would otherwise not have had access to. That is the core of this programme.

There are three requirements for a strategic alliance programme:
  1. The offer must be characterised as system export (overall solutions)
  2. A specific business opportunity must be identified
  3. One of the companies must act as leader of the alliance

A subsidy of 50 % is provided for 100 hours of counselling, and you can apply for a maximum of four rounds of subsidy. An alliance can chose to focus on one market or allocate the counselling hours between several markets. All correspondence, invoicing etc. will be sent to the leading company of the alliance.

Who is eligible for funding?
Subsidies are provided for alliances with minimum three Danish companies participating. 50 % of the companies must be SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) with less than 100 employees and an annual turnover of less than DKK 150 million.

How to get started?
Contact the Danish mission in the country, where you want the alliance to work. Companies must then apply through If you do not already have a digital employee signature, you can order one with Nets at: Bestil digital signatur hos Nets

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