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Vitus is The Trade Council’s ”elite programme” for Danish companies who have the ability and determination to expand globally in the most efficient manner.


The Vitus Programme was launched in 2010 and targets small and medium-sized Danish companies with a particularly high international growth potential.

The programme selects and helps 10 companies per group (approx. every half year) to kick-start export fast and effectively. Focus is on specific sales activities in pursuit of export orders and ensuring a solid foothold on the relevant market within just 12 months.

The core of the programme is solid preparation and determined, accurate execution of a tailored export strategy leading to concrete orders on a new market. The programme is carried out by an experienced commercial advisor who is resident in the market and therefore has extensive local knowledge and specific sector insight.

The company participates in two workshops and receives coaching through a panel of experts consisting of international advisors. In addition, the commercial advisor is available through 265 hours. The Vitus Programme requires extensive commitment and is therefore not completely free, but a significant subsidy of 65% is given.

Read more about the programme by downloading the programme descriptions and cases in the column to the right. Here you can also find information on how to get started with Vitus.

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