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Vitus is The Trade Council’s ”elite programme” for Danish companies who have the ability and determination to expand globally in the most efficient manner.


The Vitus Programme was launched in 2010 and targets small and medium-sized Danish companies with a particularly high international growth potential.

The Vitus Program gathers a group of about 10 Danish companies with distinct export potential. With 265 hours of counselling, the companies will encounter an intensive period of 12 months with a strategy and execution phase.

Strategy phase
The strategy phase includes a fact-finding tour and two workshops in close collaboration with the export adviser, and facilitated by external instructors from leading organizations like CBS. In the strategy phase, the company will outline an export strategy, which will be evaluated by Danish business executives.

Execution phase
In the execution phase, the company will launch its export strategy in close collaboration with the adviser, and the program will end with final evaluation meeting after 12 months.

The hourly rate is DKK 955, which is subject to a 50% subsidy. The company will meet all other expenses related e.g. to the travelling costs of the fact-finding tour.

Application Criteria
In order to qualify for Vitus a company must comply with the following criteria:

1. Fewer than 250 employees
2. Max. turnover DKK 375m.
3. Compliance with internat-ional rules for government subsidies.

How to get started?
Find more information about the programme by downloading the product sheet in the column to the right.

For more information contact The Trade Council on

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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Phone: +45 33 92 05 00