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New, improved Danes Abroad List ready for use

All Danes may register on the Danes Abroad List in connection with a stay abroad.

A new and improved Danes Abroad List will take effect on 14 December 2011.
Unfortunately, it has not been possible to transfer current contact information to the new Danes Abroad List. Therefore, we wish to encourage our users to register on the new Danes Abroad List as of 14 December 2011.
Naturally, new users are also most welcome to register.

What is the Danes Abroad List?
The Danes Abroad List enables the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to contact Danes abroad in a crisis situation. It may be a matter of natural disasters, acts of terrorism or armed conflict in the country where you are staying.

In these situations, it may be useful for you to receive information about how to leave the country safely and swiftly.

The registration of Danish nationals on the Danes Abroad List is voluntary. In some countries, it may only be relevant to register if you are staying for a long period of time. By contrast, in particularly risk-prone countries it is recommended to register also for stays of short duration.

The Danes Abroad List may be used in connection with short journeys as well as for stays of long duration abroad. The new system ensures correct information as users, a year after their last logon, will receive an automatic reminder e-mail requesting them to update their data.

You may access the Danes Abroad List via ID and password chosen by you or NemID.

Please register on the Danes Abroad List here > 

If you need help regarding the Danes Abroad List, please contact Consular Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (, phone:  +45 3392 1112).