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Seminar on
Adaptive and flexible Development Aid
– the role of evaluations

Danidas Evaluation Department hosted a seminar on May 10th, 2019 with focus on the potential of moving towards a more adaptive and flexible aid, including the interplay between adaptive implementation of aid and evaluative input, in line with the four ongoing Danida “Real Time” pilot evaluations. 

Dr. Donna Podems, University of Johannesburg and Otherwise Research & Evaluation, presented approach to and experience with what Michael Quinn Patton has labelled “Developmental Evaluation”, building on real-time engagement with programmes to support implementers in addressing uncertainty and emergence in relation to development aid. Mr. Chris Perry, principal consultant at ITAD, responsible for leading the Governance portfolio, addressed the issue of “New trends in adaptive and flexible programme implementation”, drawing on both current international trends and practical experiences.

In the afternoon, a workshop was conducted with a focus on the four ongoing Pilot Real-Time Evaluations, as practical Danida-related experiences with working in evaluations in support of adaptive aid. The workshop provided an exploration of the early experiences and results. The session focused on the perspectives of the RTE teams, bringing to the table a range of considerations of potential added value as well as experience with enabling and hindering factors, in relation to both evaluation process and the potential for use of the input of the evaluations in the implementation of the programmes. This workshop is part of a broader stocktaking exercise regarding the experience of the RTEs, with more information (from Embassies, review teams etc.) to be included later for a fuller perspective.

Below the two key presentations can be found, together with a brief outline of some key points and issues brought forward in the presentations and the debate.

Seminar Proceedings (PDF)
Presentation by Donna Podems (PDF)
Presentation by Chris Perry (PDF)

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