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Evaluation of Development Research (2008-2018)

The evaluation will contribute to better understanding of the most relevant, appropriate and effective means of generating new knowledge and strengthening research capacities, which will be of value for developing countries.

The objectives of the evaluation are threefold: 1) to document the achievements of development research funding since 2008, including all modalities; 2) on the basis of an analysis of the Danish and international context for development research, to examine the results of funding development research since 2008, with particular focus on the relevance, outcomes and impact; 3) to draft recommendations for future funding of development research, indicating how to maximize quality, capacity development partnerships and policy impact.

In order to carry out the evaluation, a Commission has been set up. The role of this expert institution is to oversee and guide the evaluation. The Commission comprises three nominated internationally renowned researchers and development practitioners.

The evaluation is undertaken by FCG Sweden.

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