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Real-time Evaluation of Danida Market Development Partnerships

Danida Market Development Partnerships is a new business instrument which has been designed to support commercially oriented partnerships for sustainable market development in developing countries. The support to commercially oriented multi-stakeholder partnerships takes its point of departure in the emerging trend of seeking to achieve a higher development impact by building on the joint core competencies of private businesses on one side and non-commercial actors including civil society organisations, academia, governments institutions, international organisations etc. on the other side.

The objective of the Real-Time Evaluation (RTE) is to enable learning at project level and at the overall programme level during the implementation and document interim results of the partnerships. The RTE will aim to strengthen results measurement and assess progress towards outcomes for the individual projects. The RTE will also provide lessons learned in regard to the implementation process, which is important not only for the immediate results, but also for the sustainability of the projects.

Towards the end of the RTE period, the RTE will provide a summative evaluation at programme level in relation to the five OECD/DAC evaluation criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability, to the extent possible.

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