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Udviklingsministerens tale ved ministerkonferencen om Syrien i Bruxelles den 30. juni 2020

Af Rasmus Prehn, minister for udviklingssamarbejde (S)

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Co-chairs, Excellences, Colleagues,
10 years into the Syrian conflict, the suffering of the Syrian people continues. Humanitarian needs are immense. This needs to end.


Denmark strongly supports the work of the UN and Special Envoy Pedersen to reach a negotiated end to the conflict.

A sustainable solution can only be achieved by political means. Lasting peace also requires accountability for crimes committed during the conflict. This remains a priority for Denmark.

Ladies and gentlemen, the facts are clear: Over 11 million Syrians are displaced in or outside of Syria. Kids are out of school. Food is scarce.
I have met Syrians in Lebanon and in Jordan. They want nothing more than to build a new future in Syria.

To the parties to the conflict in Syria I say: Commit to a real peace process. Create the conditions for your people to return. They should not be afraid to return to their homes. Make sure that humanitarian actors can reach all those who need assistance.

To the countries hosting refugees I say: Thank you. Your efforts show your hospitality and human dignity. Your willingness to share the burden and responsibility for refugees is remarkable.

And to the humanitarian aid workers: I salute your courage and sacrifice. I commend your readiness to help those in need despite the dangers. You have our full support. 


Denmark calls on the international community to continue to provide support to those in need and to renew the UN Security Council Resolution 2504 mandating the UN to provide cross-border humanitarian assistance.

Albert Einstein once said “The world is a dangerous place, not because of the people who are evil – but because of the people who do nothing about it”.

The words are as relevant today as ever. Let us continue our work to help those in need. Denmark will stay the course.

I am pleased to announce a new Danish pledge for 2020 of 700 million DKK – more than 100 million USD.

To the people of Syria I say: we remain committed to help you change the situation to the better. Thank you.