Spring til indhold

Grøn Vitus

Handels- og europaministeren talte ved den første dag i Grøn Vitus-programmet den 28. august i Udenrigsministeriet.


Welcome to the first Vitus Green workshop. It is very encouraging to stand here in front of 12 green enterprises with ambitions to expand on new markets.

I have only been Minister for Trade and European Affairs for about 3 weeks, and have just begun to learn about your sectors.

However, after reading your profiles I could see right away that you hold unique qualities. Together we must make this visible to the rest of the world and create jobs in Denmark.

The Government is determined to promote green transition in Denmark and abroad. By promoting green Danish solutions abroad we create new jobs here in Denmark. To help you succeed on the export markets and create value in our society, we have developed Vitus Green. A program that supports your efforts to expand globally.

The Government is keen on contributing to green transition globally. It is a moral obligation: That we leave the globe in a safe condition for our children and the generations to come. Denmark has for many years been a frontrunner in this area. As a society we stand together to protect our environment.

With our bold and ambitious environmental regulations, we reduce the use of toxic substances in nature and in our household products.

But it is also a matter of economy. Not only does our progress in this field ensure a healthy environment.

It also creates jobs.

The global challenges within sustainable transition are enormous. With increasing global resource scarcity, international investments in green growth are rising. We need to be better at converting our unique competences and solutions into export and employment.

Many of you work within the water sector. Within this sector alone we expect global investments to increase by an annual rate of 6.2 pct. in the coming five years. Water is a scarce resource under increasing pressure due to intensive urbanization. It cannot be substituted by other commodities.

These investments create opportunities that match the competences in companies like yours. In this specific area, Denmark has an upper hand compared to many of our competitors. For example, Denmark is among the best in reducing water waste.

Fast growing urbanization means that investments within water networks are increasing at a rate of 10 pct. per year. With us to day we have companies like Salling Plast and Scandinavian No-Dig Centre specialized in this specific area. 
Global water resources are running out and water recycling is part of the answer.
Many of you have chosen the US as export market for your participation in the Vitus Green program. It is a booming market for water technology, with investments of approximately 300 billion USD in the future. 

Not only water companies are represented here today. Cleanfield, Resen Energy and PowerSense are specialized within the environment and energy sectors. This is also an important and growing market where Denmark has had a leading position, which we have to uphold in order to retain jobs in Denmark.

However, I do recognize that as a small company it is not easy to gain a share in these markets.

For a small Danish company it can be difficult to find the right entry point into a new market, to establish the right connections and to find a reliable partner. Just to mention some of the challenges you are facing.

That is why we have created Vitus Green. In the program you have an experienced export advisor available to assist and support you on the new markets. 

Your export advisors are here with you today. They have come from all parts of the world to support you in the Vitus Green program. I acknowledge the great job you do to help Danish companies abroad.  Your efforts reflect on the Danish society. 700.000 Danish jobs are export dependent. 

The Government hopes that initiatives like Vitus Green help you expand internationally.

Green transition is in everyone’s interest. Morally and economically.

For future generations. And for employment today and tomorrow.

In 2010, green production in Denmark had a turnover of 250 billion DKK.

Green export amounted to 80 billion DKK, equaling 10 pct. of the total Danish export.
These numbers have a tremendous importance to the Danish society. I 2010 more than 100.000 Danes were working within green production.

Each and every one of these jobs has a value. Not only to the society, but also to the person holding the job. Not alone does it ensure him an income, more economic opportunities it also gives a sense of security.

Your contribution to growth and job creation in Denmark is indispensable. Therefore, we must work together to exploit the export potential of small and medium sized companies. 

The government has initiated several initiatives for small and medium sized enterprises. Vitus Green is one of them.

We also work closely with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Climate, Energy and Buildings on promoting Danish green solutions abroad. And to make our advice to companies even better.

Nevertheless, I realize that financing is one of the biggest obstacle to companies like yours. That is why the Government has ensured more funding to the Export Credit Agency. We have moreover established a joint advisory team between the Export Credit Agency and the Trade Council. This advisory team is established to guide you on export and financing for investments. 

I wish you great success with the Vitus Green program, and I will be looking forward to hearing about your experiences and not least the results.

You are supported by dedicated and professional advisors who will work their best to help you.

I am confident that, with your competences and know-how we can contribute to solving some of the global environmental challenges.