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Handels- og Investeringsministerens tale ved åbningen af Investor seminar: ’Denmark the Wind Power Hub’

Handels- og Investeringsministerens tale ved åbningen af Investor seminar: ’Denmark the Wind Power Hub’ den 16. april 2012 kl. 15.00 – 15.10 i Bella Centret.


Dear Participants. Thank you for taking part in this seminar organized by Invest in Denmark and the Danish Wind Industry Association.

The threat from climate change is real! The International Energy Agency has said it clearly: 2017 is the deadline for the world community to change the continuously growing levels of greenhouse gas emissions - if we want to stay within the 2 degree scenario.

The Danish Government and I are committed to meet this challenge. There is no alternative to the international climate negotiations and we must continue to believe that eventually we will succeed.

And we must continue to work to fulfill the international obligations that we have already committed to – for example EU commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% by 2050.   

But it is important that we do not only see the challenges – but also the opportunities.

The green transition has a large potential to create new growth and jobs world-wide. This is a fact.

And we should not sit back and wait for the international negotiations. We must act ourselves. And the wind industry is a good place to act. 

Not only has the wind industry been going through a very positive development in the recent 20 years.

In many ways, the leading Danish position in green technologies started with wind, and it has galvanized development and innovation in other cleantech areas.

The green fairytale in Denmark started with wind after the oil crises back in the 1970’s.
For the last 40 years, we have built up a mindset and an experience for utilizing wind power and developing wind power solutions.

In no other country in the world, you can find 25% of the power supply coming from wind, - and we do not stop here – our aim is 50% in 2020!

That is not only because Denmark is a windy country in the climatic sense, it is primarily due to our obligations to reduce CO2 emissions – and in the end wind power is simply good business as well.

At present, it is the best alternative to conventional energy.

This is also why Denmark today has the world’s most developed cluster of wind companies. Nowhere in the world can so many competent and experienced wind professionals be seen as in Denmark.

Here some of the major turbine producers and wind farm developers are operating, like: Vestas, Siemens Windpower, Dong Energy, EON and Vattenfall.

They are supported by hundreds of subsuppliers, making the whole value chain complete within a very limited geographical area.

If you are in the wind business – Denmark is the place!

Luckily we have in the past few years seen more and more international wind companies setting up businesses in Denmark. Not only in search of technology development, but also to set up production.

This is a welcome step in the right direction because we definitely need the international inspiration and cutting edge innovation to maintain our leading position.

The Danish Government supports the wind industry by setting up ambitious goals for wind power in Denmark.

As mentioned briefly we have a vision for doubling of our power supply from wind in the next 8 years from 25% to almost 50%.

The broad spectra of political parties in Denmark agreed to install 1 Giga-Watt of new off-shore wind in Kriegers Flak and Horns Reef before 2020. In addition, we will install another 500 Mega-Watt near shore.

Finally, we will replace and construct new turbines on-shore bringing our total on-shore capacity up to 1.8 Giga-Watt.
All this will be done before 2020 and I certainly hope that we in this process will create a lot of business for you… I hope!

Denmark is not the only country in the North Sea to develop wind energy supply right now. Our neighbors in Norway, United Kingdom and Germany do as well have ambitious plans for continued wind farm development in the coming dec-ades.

I am certain that the industry in Denmark will benefit from this huge new energy development in the North Sea.
As part of the EU, Danish turbine producers and subsuppliers have full access to the important off-shore market all over the North Sea.

The combination of new upcoming market opportunities through wind farms and professional skills to innovate and make better products makes Denmark an excellent place to do wind business.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the people working in the industry.

It is their ability to interact and make business together that attract newcomers and makes the cluster even stronger.

I am sure that the remaining speakers at this seminar will provide you with addi-tional qualified knowledge and an enhanced network to people in the wind power industry.

As I have already emphasized, it all started with wind. I am pleased that you are all here today as a proof of this green fairytale.

But I also see it as part of my job to make sure that you are all here tomorrow… and 10 or 20 years from now.

I will do all I can to ensure that the business environment remain the best you can find anywhere in the world and that you feel welcome to do your business in Denmark.

I wish you an interesting seminar and a fruitful stay at EWEA in Copenhagen.

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