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Afslutningstale ved 3GF 2016 topmødet

Udenrigsministerens afslutningstale ved 3GF 2016 topmødet

 Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am truly delighted to have this opportunity to express my admiration for your dedication and hard work over the last two days. Together, you have showed a strong collective commitment to promote sustainable green growth on a global scale – a commitment to turn the global promises into action.


Over the last two days you have laid the foundation for concrete action that will unleash the dynamics of cities as drivers of the green economy. You have advanced solutions to increase access to energy and water. You have taken steps to accelerate financial investments in sustainable growth. And you have shown how we can act in partnerships to support the aspirations of the emerging middle class while embracing sustainable living around the world.



When we defined the purpose of 3GF summit 2016 it was obvious to work on implementation following on from last and previous years’ negotiations. We invited you all with a call to Action. So what has been achieved over the last two days? Through your active engagement, the 3GF platform has delivered substantial results.

The Kenyan government and Bidco Africa joins the vital work of the 2030 Water Resources Group with the launch of a new national platform to address a predicted 30% gap between water supply and demand by 2030. The call for action is to deeper collaboration on sustainable use of water across Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Partners have launched a global standard for measuring food loss and waste that will help us reduce the enormous amount of food that goes to waste. The call for action is immediate uptake of the standard by affected sectors.


To address the 51 trillion dollar gap to 2050 to meet global infrastructure needs, partners committed to take forward a Sustainable Infrastructure Registry to provide investors with a clear understanding of the specific characteristics of sustainable and resilient infrastructure investments. The call for action is the creation of an international Sustainable Infrastructure Registry.


These are just a few of the more than 30 partnerships that have been initiated or accelerated at 3GF this year.



The Sustainable Development Goals call for a hugely ambitious transition over the next 15 years. To a world in which extreme poverty is eradicated, growth is made inclusive and sustainable, and climate change is being effectively mitigated while we at the same time adapt to expected changes.


The 2030 and the Climate Agenda do not stand in the way of economic growth. Affordable, scalable solutions are now available to enable countries to leapfrog to cleaner, more resilient economies. The pace of change is quickening as more people are turning to renewable energy and a range of other measures that will reduce emissions and increase adaptation effort.




The political momentum from global agreements of 2015 will only last if we actively engage in this transition and bring the solutions into play. 3GF has been actively contributing to this for five years and counting. But we must realize that the world has changed since 3GF was launched in 2011. We now have a strong framework for sustainable development and combating climate change that the entire international community has agreed on. And we are no longer the only international forum to discuss sustainable and green public-private solutions. The partnership approach that 3GF champions is now widely employed as a means to secure real and tangible change.


Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is time to rethink the Global Green Growth Forum. We need to ensure that 3GF remains a relevant platform for the private and public partners driving the green transition – and continue our contribution to accelerating businesses’ involvement in reaching the ambitious SDGs and climate goals


We have built bridges and formed alliances across regions and sectors. Developed and supported innovative, sustainable and green solutions – with one aim in mind – to create real impact – at scale. We have gathered unique experience and knowledge, we have a strong platform, and we have seen our partnerships continue to operate and develop innovative solutions. We have an excellent point of departure for rethinking 3GF. And we need your ideas and continued engagement.

Let this be a call to all 3GF partners to contribute views and ideas on what should be the future path of the Global Green Growth Forum.



I want to thank you for the stimulating dialogue and your active participation today and yesterday. The results of our efforts have been summarised in the “Charter of Action” which I recommend that you all take with you on the way out. A more detailed report reflecting the results and the discussions will soon be available.


This year’s summit has provided new inspiration, new ideas, and new concrete solutions. I for one leave the 3GF Summit feeling encouraged and full of confidence that we are on the right path. We have the framework, we know the solutions, and it is people like you here in this room that will secure the actual results – at speed and scale. Now let’s get to work!


Thank you.