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Indlæg ved morgenmadsarrangement for det danske handelskammer i Beijing

Indlæg ved morgenmadsarrangement for det danske handelskammer i Beijing, d. 27. oktober 2015.


Dear chairman, distinguished guests - good morning and thank you very much for your warm welcome.

I have only been to Beijing for less than 48 hours but I am impressed with what I have seen and heard so far. It is a vibrant city – with life and activities everywhere. When reading about China in newspapers you sometimes get the impression that the economy has slowed down. But I certainly feel and know that there is a lot to come for.

25 October 2008, exactly 7 years ago, then Prime Minister of Denmark Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen signed – here in Beijing – the Danish-Chinese Strategic Partnership. A partnership originally focused on close and intense collaboration within areas like research, food, energy and environment. Today, 7 years later, the partnership has developed and strengthened further and now also encompasses areas like health, education, innovation, culture and anti-corruption.

The Chinese-Danish relationship is currently at an “all time high”. But despite having an “all time high” - we, the Danish government, would like to further expand the Chinese-Danish relationship.


First , we would like to upgrade our strategic partnership. Currently we are preparing – in close dialogue with our Chinese counterparts – a thorough joint work programme on 57 specific areas of mutual interest. This work programme goes beyond what we see today. It focuses among other things on cooperation at the local political level – regions and municipalities. And it has more value based areas like sustainability and trust.

Second is the addition from this summer of three new Growth Counsellors to our Embassy staff in Beijing. The Growth Counsellors will focus on specific sector cooperation in areas where Denmark has a special knowledge and unique know-how from how we have shaped our society. The Growth Counsellors will create awareness about Danish competencies, strengthen our dialogue on the governmental level and improve framework conditions for Danish business life within specific areas.

The Growth Counsellors in China will work within the areas of food and agriculture, environment and the maritime sector. Areas where Denmark certainly stands out and can contribute to the strategic development of China and our government to government dialogue.

Today, I am pleased to present to you our new Growth Counsellors who over the next three years will work on strategic sector cooperation between China and Denmark. The Growth Counsellors will present themselves shortly but please let me introduce them first.


Within food and agriculture Tilde Hellsten will work on a project with the overall aim of modernizing the Chinese farming industry with specific focus on food safety.

Mads Terkelsen will be working on environment with projects focusing on environmental issues related to preventing pollution of water, air and soil.

And finally, within the maritime sector Bjarke Wiehe Bøtcher will develop projects focusing on issues like greener, cleaner and safer shipbuilding and manufacturing of maritime equipment. He will also focus on maritime regulation and framework conditions for shipping as well as maritime infrastructure and connectivity of China´s inland regions.

I believe that the strategic cooperation within these three sectors as well as the specific projects will be beneficial and create value for China, for the citizens of China, for Denmark and for you – for Danish business life in China. I and the Government will fully support the work of the Growth Counsellors so they can create the best possible value. 

With these words I would like to give the floor to the three Growth Counsellors. Once again thank you all for attending this breakfast meeting and to the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China for hosting this event. Thank you.