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Udenrigsministerens tale maritimt seminar under statsbesøget i Indonesien

Udenrigsministerens tale maritimt seminar under statsbesøget i Indonesien, d. 23. oktober 2015.


Your Royal Highness, honourable Minister, distinguished guests,

Every fifteen minutes - somewhere in the world - a Danish operated ship arrives or departs from a port. Danes account for only 0.1 percent of the world’s population, but 10 percent of the world’s trade is carried by Danish operated ships. This places Denmark among the top ten leading shipping nations in the world. Besides carrying cargo around the seven seas, we have developed world class skills in port development and high productivity operations that increase capacity and efficiency in the maritime sector. That is a proud trademark for us.


Most large cargo ships worldwide are equipped with Danish maritime technology, products or equipment. The Danish maritime industry is famous for its quality products, innovative technological solutions and eco-efficient services.


Danish engineering consultancy companies are globally recognized for their expertise in complex marine infrastructure. Within the security sector, Danish companies provide advanced security systems and survelliance solutions of the highest quality. These are important in a number of areas from defence search and rescue, combating illegal fishing and monitoring pollution.


Indonesia and Denmark are both proud maritime nations. Our histories and our peoples are shaped by the oceans around us. No matter where in Denmark you are, you will never be more than 50 kilometres away from the ocean. This has shaped our mindset and our view of the surrounding world  in the same way that the ocean’s proximity to Indonesia has influenced you troughout your national history. From the beginning of time, both Indonesia and Denmark have learned to master shipbuilding and sailing techniques. These lessons and experiences live on today and continue to be important trademarks for our two countries.


President Jokowi has launched an ambitious vision of transforming Indonesia into a maritime hub. This vision is not only central to Indonesia’s maritime infrastructure, it is also essential for creating continued economic growth and development in Indonesia. The vision requires significant expansion of Indonesian ports, investments in infrastructure and  additional shipping capacity in order to increase connectivity between Indonesia’s many islands and regions, spanning from Aceh in the west  across the 5,500 kilometres to Papua in the east.


Let me be frank today – Denmark wishes to become a key partner for Indonesia in realizing its maritime vision. We believe there is a near-perfect match between on the one side the skills, the technology and the know-how of Denmark and of Danish companies present here today, and on the other side Indonesia’s maritime priorities.


For decades, the Danish maritime industry has contributed significantly to growth and employment both in Denmark and in our partner countries around the world. By using our Government-to Government-instruments as well as our business-to-business cooperation we can create a partnership that benefits both Indonesia and Denmark.

Therefore, I am very pleased to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding on Maritime Collaboration” with His Excellency the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs here today. The Memorandum paves the way for stronger collaboration both between our Governments, our companies and between Governments and private sector stakeholders. It is an excellent foundation for a strong, innovative and mutually beneficial maritime partnership between Indonesia and Denmark in the coming years.