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Udenrigsministerens tale ved indledningen af statsbesøget i Indonesien

Udenrigsministerens tale ved indledningen af statsbesøget i Indonesien, d. 23. oktober 2015.




Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, Ministers, Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is commonly said that you can measure a person by the company he or she keeps. Today, I would like Denmark to be recognized and measured by the large number of companies that we bring to Indonesia as part of the official state visit. All 62 of them have travelled with us as a strong signal of the possibilities afforded by Indonesia. And I am honoured to be here amongst so many Indonesian partners and friends of Denmark.


While our countries are vastly different in size and scope, we have much more in common than meets the eye. Indonesia and Denmark are both maritime nations surrounded by the open seas. The water has historically been a pathway for our nations to engage with the outside world and has allowed us to grow. It is therefore no coincidence that we mark the important occasion of the first-ever Danish state visit to Indonesia here at Jakarta's busy port of Tanjung Priok. This is in many ways the gateway to Indonesia. It is an important element in the Indonesian Government's plan of transforming Indonesia into a maritime hub. Not only in the region, but in the world.  

But we are not only bound by our maritime DNA. We also face similar challenges in terms of ensuring continued economic growth and prosperity in our countries. Many parts of the world including Europe has experienced a relative slowing of economic growth in recent years. I am convinced that new partnerships and strengthened cooperation and trade is the only answer to this challenge. The Danish Delegation has come here with exactly that objective in mind: To strengthen the partnership between Indonesia and Denmark to ensure sustainable growth, development and prosperity in both of our countries.


The Danish presence in Indonesia is a large and varied one, ranging from traditional political diplomacy to commercial, cultural and development cooperation. More recently, we have added another important component: Government-to-Government cooperation in the field of energy. I am happy that the Danish Minister for Energy Utilities and Climate, Mr. Lars Christian Lilleholt, is part of this State visit. It underlines the importance we attach to the energy cooperation. As minister for Foreign Affairs with responsibility for political affairs as well as trade and development, I am pleased to be in Indonesia where all elements of diplomatic cooperation are alive and present.

Our countries have huge potential and a great deal to offer one another as we take our partnership to the next level. Politically, we already share many values and common political goals ranging from our historical support to the UN and to peacekeeping operations. Lately, we have joined forces in establishing the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI) and we are both active the fight against terrorism.  This shows that untraditional partnerships can contribute to promoting common political goals, and I see great potential in enhancing our political cooperation to this end.


The four commercial tracks that are the focus of our visit have been matched with Indonesian priorities and Danish strongholds. Be it the maritime, agri-business, clean-tech or the design and life-style sectors, our nations have much to offer one another.


With its 250 million population Indonesia is South East Asia's largest market and a regional and global power house. With the realization of the ASEAN Economic Community this year, Indonesia will be a gateway to the ASEAN internal market, counting 600 million people. Indonesia is the world's third largest democracy and 10th largest economy in terms of purchasing power. It has achieved remarkable political, economic and social progress over the past decades. Millions have been lifted out of poverty, allowing them to join the increasing middle class. Indonesia stands out in this regard. It is an attractive market to Danish companies which are in turn known for their expertise in areas ranging from shipping, agriculture, renewable energy solutions and durable and innovative design.
As we are gathered here to open the state visit - some 65 years after our countries first established bilateral relations - we are truly in excellent company. We have a large number of Danish and Indonesian companies present here today. They 62 Danish companies have come to do business, to partner up and to invest. It is my sincere hope that new political as well as commercial partnerships will be built during the state visit. May the partnerships sealed here create investments, jobs and business opportunities for both Indonesia and Denmark. Let’s work together to build an innovative partnership for the 21st century. Thank you.