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Tale ved indvielsen af dansk kulturcenter i Beijing

Tale ved indvielsen af dansk kulturcenter i Beijing, d. 25. oktober 2015.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Being here at 798 Art Zone I cannot help but think that the transformation of this place is a tale of the change happening in China. Disused factories from the time of the hard Cold War have come to life vibrating with culture and people to people exchange. It is a fairytale with a big present and hopefully future.

The Danish Cultural season was launched in China by Her Majesty the Queen under the exactly that slogan “Little Fairytale, Big Future”. As we now end the Danish Cultural Season in China, we look back at an impressive list of events of exhibitions; performing arts; concerts and children activities. The season has broadened the knowledge of Danish culture in China – also beyond the famous fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen [:Antusjeng]. It even brought peaceful Danish Viking Ships to China.

In Denmark, we are very proud that China decided to place its first cultural center in the Nordic countries in Copenhagen. This year, China brought some of its most famous cultural heritage: its Terracotta Warriors to the newly restored Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus near to where I live. A very impressive 85.000 people have visited the exhibition since April.


Exactly one year ago today, the Danish Minister for Culture and Chinese Vice Minister for Culture, Mr. Yang, visited this very venue. Back then, the building was dull and rather unattractive. It was hard to imagine it as a space for cultural dialogue.

Today, it is like the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen “The ugly Duckling”. We stand in a bright welcoming space that has been completely renovated. As such, it is a Chinese building with Danish characteristics. This is a place that will embrace culture in its many shapes: From design - to refined fine art - to ordinary people’s concerns. It will hold: Exhibitions; Conferences; Presentations; Live performances, and; Activities for children. Now, the cultural center must take root, form networks, and cooperate with local partners. I am certain that the Danish cultural center will spread the knowledge of the rich diversity of Danish culture with great success. And it will promote dialogue and understanding.

To my mind this is what cultural cooperation and cultural centers are all about. Cultural centers must help create understanding and respect between our two countries through the common language of culture, art and learning. The mutual understanding and respect created by culture is leverage for bilateral relation between China and Denmark on all levels. In short, I believe that with the establishment of the two cultural centres, we have strengthened the links between Danes and Chinese people. Nothing less.

I wish you all good luck, Thank you, Xie Xie.