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Udenrigsministerens tale ved erhvervsfrokost under statsbesøget i Indonesien

Udenrigsministerens tale ved erhvervsfrokost under statsbesøget i Indonesien, d. 23. oktober 2015.



Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, Honourable Ministers, Governor, Museum Director, honoured guests,


My business card reads Minister for Foreign Affairs, but today I also stand here as the Danish Minister for Trade. And as Minister of Trade, I hope that the state visit will contribute to kick-start a closer and stronger commercial cooperation between Indonesia and Denmark.


Globally as well as in Asia, urbanization rates are increasing. By 2050, urban areas will host 65 % of Asia’s population. Of the 35 megacities in the world today, 21 are located in Asia. One of the largest megacities in South East Asia is Jakarta. That creates both opportunities and challenges.


Therefore, I am especially pleased that you, Guvernor Ahok, are here today. Your excellent repution of being a hands-on and ambitious reformist dedicated to creating solutions to urban challenges has contributed to making your city one of the most important business hubs in the ASEAN region. Your heart beats tirelessly for  finding modern solutions that will help improve the livelihood of Jakarta’s citizens. I am convinced, that there is great potential for on even closer partnership between Denmark and Indonesia on that agenda.

And that is exactly the purpose of today’s lunch - to foster strong and innovative partnerships between Indonesian and Danish companies. Let me therefore thank the many companies for here today, from both Indonesia and Denmark, within the sectors of Maritime, Urban & Clean-tech, Agribusiness, and Design & Lifestyle.


The Danish companies present here today are globally recognized for state-of-the-art technology and solutions within their respective sectors. Most of them have developed strong skills in relation to tackling the needs of rapidly growing cities such as Jakarta. Infrastructure development, water and waste management, energy efficiency, urban master planning, food production, design solutions are all Danish strongholds that matches some of the demands by a booming metropolis such as Jakarta.  


Despite the 11,000 kilometres divide, Denmark and Indonesia form part of the same global village and can both benefit from boosting our bilateral cooperation. Today, my clear message is: Denmark stands ready to assist Indonesia and Jakarta through public-private partnerships. Let’s use this lunch to kick-start that process and move our partnership into the 21st Century. Let’s get to work.

Thank you.