Spring til indhold

Tale til Global Citizen-festival

Minister for udviklingssamarbejde, Ulla Tørnæs, tale til Global Citizen-festival i Central Park, den 29. september 2018

Global citizens,

It is wonderful to be back on this stage. It is wonderful to be among friends. It is wonderful to be a global citizen! And thank you Will Smith! I admire your bravery and share your passion for this cause.

My friend, Kofi Annan, the former UN General Secretary, who passed away just a few weeks ago, famously said: “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

And Kofi Annan was right. Education is the foundation on which free, liberal, democratic societies are built. Education is the soil in which dreams, hopes and aspirations will grow into reality. Without education, we will not get the world we want. A world that is more just, fair and peaceful. A world of tomorrow that is better than today. For all of us. Not just some of us. Today, more than 130 million girls are prevented from going to school.

Global citizens, we have heard you!

These millions of children cannot be left behind. We have to act. We need to act. And Denmark does act. Next year Denmark will give almost 70 million US dollars to education. Money which can give one year of primary school for 270.000 of some of the most vulnerable children on this planet.  

And for the 75 million children in crises we reserve more than 46 million US dollars to our good friends in Education Cannot Wait. Because these children cannot wait. Because these children should not wait. Education is not the agenda of tomorrow, it is the agenda of today. Education is the ‘right now’ agenda.