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Evaluation of water, sanitation and environment programmes in Uganda, 1990-2017

The evaluation will be an important means of assessing the outcomes and sustainability of the substantial support provided by Danida in the sub-sectors of water, sanitation and environment. The evaluation encompasses three objectives. Firstly, to document the results and achievements through cooperation in the sub-sectors. Secondly, to analyse the value added through Danida support to the subsectors, including the effectiveness and impact of the evolving and changing partnerships with key public and private stakeholders in Uganda over 25 years.

Finally, the evaluation the evaluation will extract lessons learned that will be important for:
- improved national water and sanitation provision and water resource management as well as adaptation to climate change in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals;
- further assistance to water resources management in northern Uganda;
- initiatives concerned with water resources in strategic sector cooperation programmes (including private sector involvement);
- and water supply and sanitation initiatives in the context of humanitarian assistance.

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